E-cig conférence 2022



DAY 1 – 5 December, 2022

11:45 > 12:45 a.m


Chair: Martin Dockrell, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities



Effect of Electronic Cigarettes on Cigarette Abstinence in Smokers With No Plans to Quit: Exploratory Analysis of a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

> Jonathan Foulds, Penn State College of Medicine


Association of Electronic Cigarette Use With Discontinuation of Cigarette Smoking Among Adult Smokers Who Were Initially Never Planning to Quit

> Karin Kasza, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


Do the associations between the use of electronic cigarettes and smoking reduction or cessation attempt persist after several years of use? Longitudinal analyses in smokers of the CONSTANCES cohort

> Guillaume Airagnes, University of Paris


Chair: Jérémie Achille, French National Food Safety Agency



To evaluate the use, abuse potential and health risks of novel tobacco products and e-cigarettes
> Jérémie Achille
, French National Food Safety Agency

Regulation of electronic cigarettes and novel tobacco products in EU Member States
> Olga Caratier,
Public Health Agency of Sweden


Investigations regarding e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products awareness, use and perceptions
> Silvano Gallus
, Instituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS
> Marco Scala, Instituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS

DAY 2 – 6 December, 2022

11:45 > 12:45 p.m


Chairs: François Alla, University of Bordeaux & Ivan Berlin, APHP



Are ENDS an aid to quit smoking and what can be its role in a global smoking cessation strategy? Can these products be considered as risk reduction tools?

> Ivan Berlin, APHP


Recommendations of the French High Council of Public Health, France (HCPH) on the benefit/risk profile of electronic cigarettes among specific groups of smokers

> Anne-Laurence Le Faou, APHP


Is there a risk that ENDS encourage a renormalization of tobacco consumption in France?

> Karine Gallopel-Morvan, EHESP


Is ENDS use a gateway for becoming a smoker among youths?

> François Alla, University of Bordeaux

2:15 > 3:30 p.m


Chair: Ann McNeill, King's College London



Methods and health risks of nicotine and flavourings

> Debbie Robson, King's College London


Biomarkers of exposure

> Eve Taylor, King's College London


Cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases (CVD)

> Leonie Brose, King's College London


Overview of methodological limitations when assessing vaping effects on health biomarkers

> Erikas Simonavičius, King's College London

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