E-cig conférence 2022



DAY 1 – 5 December, 2022

11:45 > 12:45 a.m


Chair: Jérémie Pourchez, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des mines



Correlates of perceived addiction and product addictiveness of e-cigarettes – the EValuation of the Addictive Potential of E-cigarettes (EVAPE) project

> Valérie Lohner, University of Cologne


Self-reported signs of Substance Use Disorder in e-cigarette online forums

> Marike Andreas, Heidelberg University Center for Preventive Medicine and Digital Health


Sensory appeal and puffing intensity of e-cigarette use: influence of nicotine salts versus free-base nicotine in e-liquids

> Charlotte Pauwels, Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment


Youth’s views and experimentation with disposable e-cigarettes: using focus groups

> Marissa Smith, University of Glasgow

2:45 > 4:00 p.m


Chair: Paraskevi Katsaounou, Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens



Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes: An Umbrella Review and Methodological Considerations

> David T. Levy Georgetown, University Medical Center


Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) use during a five-year period is not associated with self-reported chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) after adjustment of cigarette smoking history: A longitudinal analysis of PATH data.

> Rafael Meza, University of Michigan


Unintended consequences of vaping: injuries from poisonings and explosions

> Debbie Robson, King's College London

Chair : Véronique Régnier, University of Saint-Etienne


European adult smokers’ perceptions of the harmfulness of e-cigarettes relative to combustible cigarettes: Findings from the France and EUREST-PLUS ITC Surveys

> Geoffrey Fong, University of Waterloo


An appeal that does not last: French youths’ attitude toward e-cigarette. Results from the ARAMIS study (2014, 2019)

> Marc-Antoine Douchet, French Observatory and Drugs and Addictive Tendencies


Electronic cigarette packaging in context: an exploratory study

> Frances Thirlway, University of York

Chair: Caitlin Notley, University of East Anglia



Using ecological momentary assessment via text messaging to measure cigarette and e-cigarette use patterns

> Elizabeth Stevens, NYU Grossman School of Medicine


Tracking via Repeated Assessment of Joint E-Cigarette and Tobacco use (TRAJECT): Descriptive and qualitative findings exploring trajectories of dual e-cigarette and tobacco use

> Emma Ward, University of East Anglia


Adolescents (15-18 years old) in the narratives of experimentation/use trajectories: structuring factors and their effects on transitions between vaping and smoking

> Lara Leclerc, Ecole des mines de Saint-Etienne


The impact of electronic cigarette and heated tobacco product on conventional smoking: an Italian prospective cohort study form Italy conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic

> Silvano Gallus, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS

DAY 2 – 6 December, 2022

11:45 > 1:00 p.m


Chair: Reinskje Talhout, RIVM


Comparison of chemical composition and toxicity effects of emissions from electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products and tobacco cigarettes in human bronchial epithelial cells

> Gianni Zarcone, University of Lille


Chemical Profiles and Toxicity of Electronic Cigarettes: An Umbrella Review

> David T. Levy, Georgetown University Medical Center
> Nargis Travis, Georgetown University Medical Center


Metabolomic strategy to identify markers of exposure and toxicity of electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco products and tobacco cigarettes

> Marie Lenski, University of Lille

Chair: Lion Shahab, University College London



An online randomised optimisation experiment to identify effective intervention components to support smokers to use e-cigarettes in a quit attempt

> Lynne Dawkins, London South Bank University


Effect of Tobacco Cessation Aids on Smoking Cessation and Duration of Abstinence: a French Population-Based Study

> Mathilde Fekom, INSERM


E-cigarettes for smoking cessation: the latest Cochrane living systematic review evidence

> Ailsa Butler, University of Oxford
> Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, University of Oxford


Use of pod device e-cigarettes in the Cessation of Smoking Trial in the Emergency Department

> Ian Pope, University of East Anglia

2:15 > 3:30 p.m


Chair: Ute Mons, University of Cologne and DKFZ


Prevalence of vaping in France in 2021: results from the Santé publique France Health Barometer

> Anne Pasquereau, The national public health agency


E-cigarette Use and its Associated Factors Among a Sample of Romanian Pregnant Smokers and Ex-smokers

> Rana Jaber, Northern Illinois University


Tobacco and e-cigarette use among French adolescents. Prevalence, trends and associations: where we are in 2022?

> Eric Janssen, French Observatory of Drugs and Addictive Tendencies


Birth-cohort patterns of e-cigarette use among adolescents in the US

> Rafael Meza, University of Michigan

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