E-cig conférence 2022

Reinskje Talhout, Co-chair

Reinskje Talhout (PhD in physical-organic chemistry, MSc in philosophy of science) is a senior scientific advisor involved in tobacco product regulatory science at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. She is the head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Product Regulation and Control at the RIVM. As a policy advisor for tobacco product regulation, she provides advice to the national government, to the EU, and to WHO, and she is spokesperson to the media on tobacco products. Her research comprises the attractive, addictive and toxic properties of tobacco and related products (such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products). Areas of interest include chemistry, behavioral studies, sensory science, risk communication and risk assessment. The RIVM tobacco research group specializes in the assessment of health effects in a broad sense of new tobacco products, with a focus on flavour and product appeal. The tobacco research group and laboratory within RIVM has a long-standing history of excellence in tobacco contents and emissions by chemical analyses. Product use is studied using analytical and hedonic sensory methods (with the University of Wageningen), behavioral studies including reasons for use and risk perception, mode of use and biomarkers of exposure/effect (with the University of Maastricht). Risk assessment is carried out based on user data and product composition, toxicity and addiction tests. Dr. Talhout contributed to various collaborative European projects in the field of tobacco control, is member of the Steering Committee of the Global Tobacco Regulators Forum, and the steering committee of WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network. She is associate Editor of Tobacco Induced Diseases.

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